List 5: Companies, brands, countries


After finding an unknown Austrian (or other) brand and nice Dutch shorts, I make this list (work in progress). Any help is appreciated. Maybe I’ll make separate tags or lists (Adidas are too much, maybe for Adidas Junior or rare models or color). I have to find more close-up scenes. Most or all companies making shorts for both sports and swimwear. Not sure about other sports like boxing. Pic from Kinderen voor Kinderen 4.

Brand  –  Country of origin – Country worn – Movie examples

Adidas   – Germany    – worldwide  –  Manni, der Libero, Pfiff, many others

Admiral –  UK            – Australia, worlwide – Mortified (2006)

Arena    – Germany – worldwide  – none found, yet

Hummel – Denmark  – Denmark – Gummi-Tarzan

Lotto  – Italy              – NL –               De bal is rond

Olan – Argentina  – Argentina- Cebollitas (also other brands including Adidas)

Puma  – Germany   – Germany  –      Manni, der Libero, others

Rucanor – NL               -NL – Kinderen voor Kinderen 4

Umbro – UK/USA – UK, Argentina –Fun House (1989), Cebollitas

Unknown – Australia – Australia – The Adventures of Skippy

Unknown  – Austria ?  – Austria  – Der Tag, an dem Anton den Widerlan fand

Unknown – Argentina?  Argentina   – Cebollitas



Update: I could identify another brand OLAN worn in Cebollitas. They wore some other brands including Adidas and one yet unknown with a diamond Logo and pattern. Maybe I will make a list about Cebollitas. One minute later, I found the brand with the diamond, that they mainly wore in Cebollitas: Umbro. Thanks to Erik for pointing out the Rucanor shorts!


Info 37: Puma shorts (Manni, der Libero, other)


I have recently rechecked the DVD box of Manni, der Libero (rating 6, more updates coming very soon). Also now on my pigtails blog.

In ep 12 there are teen boys in shiny red Puma shorts.

Puma shorts (in movies) are obviously rare and probably limited to short time period of the early (and mid) 80s. I’m not sure if they had inner briefs as well, but I do think so.

For now, I have some few other post that might include shorts of Puma






List 3: Colors of Adidas & other shorts in 1980


I remember only few colors available of Adidas shorts in the early 1980s in Germany. In the very late 70s (~1978) and around 1980, I only remember Adidas cotton shorts, mainly in blue and red. In around 1980/1981, I think I first noticed shiny shorts. I now assumed, that the colors must be related to those, German Soccer players wore these days.

On an 80s board I found an Adidas flyer of 1980, claiming that there are Adidas Junior shorts available in only red, blue, green and black and depicting a boy wearing white shorts (not sure if shiny). Same colors as the grown-ups (maybe they had some more). Shirts were available in the colors of the teams (probably some more colors). Later there are more and more colors available, some might derive from other Sports like Handball. Other colors (of Adidas) were available in other countries.

1. Bundesliga Germany 1981/1982 final results

  1. Hamburger SV (red shorts)
  2. 1. FC. Köln (white shorts with red stripes)
  3. FC Bayern München (red shorts)
  4. 1. FC Kaiserslautern (red, also white shorts)
  5. SV Werder Bremen (green shorts)
  6. Borussia Dortmund (black shorts with yellow stripes)
  7. Borussia Mönchengladbach (white shorts)
  8. Eintracht Frankfurt (black shorts)
  9. VfB Stuttgart (white shorts with red stripes)
  10. VfL Bochum (blue shorts)
  11. Eintracht Braunschweig (blue shorts)
  12. Arminia Bielefeld (blue shorts)
  13. 1. FC Nürnberg (black shorts)
  14. Karlsruher SC (white shorts with blue stripes)
  15. Fortuna Düsseldorf (red shorts, Puma?)
  16. Bayer Leverkusen (black shorts)
  17. SV Darmstadt 98 (blue shorts)
  18. MSV Duisburg (white shorts, blue stripes ?)

Some colors might be away jerseys. I’m not a Soccer expert. Most stripes are white. White shorts have different colored stripes. I have to do more research and will make lists of colors in movies.

The above pic showing some US and Canadian colors and is from a Sears 1980 Christmas catalogue taken from flickr user wishbook (cc-by-sa).

List 2: Rare movies list

Like on my other blogs, the first part are entries without pics (except for the shirtless scenes) and the second part are movies or series with limited availability no DVD, OOP or VHS. If you want to help please look at the bottom of the lists. Please, don’t ask for uploads or trade. Usually I don’t have complete movies.

List 1: Entries of existing or soon to come films without pics or trailers

Film title                            male/female –  have pic-have trailer – available?

  • Pfefferkuchen im Juli -m- pic yes, no clip, no DVD ?
  • Whopper Punch 777 -m- no, no, VHS only
  • RTL Kinderhitparade -m- yes (missing Ketch-up) , no clip, no
  • Li-La-Launebär präsentiert Die MiniStars (similar, bad pic)
  • Der Tag, an dem Anton den Widerland fand -m- pic coming soon?
  • Alles Paletti (1985) -m- bad pic, no, no (pic coming later)
  • Ich – Dann eine Weile nichts -m,f- no pic, no, yes
  • more of: Pfiff, Tele-Fussball, Die Spielbude, Auf die Plätze…, Achterbahn, Klassewerk, Stark!, Mach mit, Mach’s nach, Mach’s besser, Bal is rond, The Body Works, Voetballen met Wiel Coerver, …

List 2: Entries of films, not yet released / VHS or limited availability
(+some of above films) Some might be available online (un-/officially)

  • 6 Richtige -m- pic yes, clip no, no DVD
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: A Special Gift, -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: Don’t Touch, m, pic yes, clip no, no ?
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: It’s a Mile from Here… , yes, no, no
  • Achterbahn (1992) -m- pics yes, clip no, no
  • All Inclusive – Mit Kind und Koffer zur neuen Liebe -m- yes, no, no
  • Alles Paletti (1985) -m- bad pic, no, no
  • Almost Summer -m- picy yes, clip no, no
  • Anna, Schmidt & Oskar, pic yes, no, no/expensive
  • Ask Max (Disney Land) -m- pic yes, no clip, no DVD ?
  • ATP Tennis Tour -m- yes, no, no
  • Auf die Plätze… -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Ausgestossene, Der -m- pic yes, no, no
  • Body Works, The (1979) -m,f- pics yes, clip no, no
  • bal is rond, De -m,f- pic no (reality TV), no, no
  • balle au bond, La – m-, pic bad, clip no, no
  • Bay Cove (1993) -m- pic yesm clip no, yes? (Mod ?)
  • Bernard’s Watch -m,f- pic yes, clip no, VHS only
  • Bodo – Eine ganz normale Famile -m,f- pic yes, no, VHS only
  • Bundesgartensschau 1997 Eröffnungsshow -m-pic yes, no, no
  • Callis kleines Fußballmärchen -m-, yes, no, no
  • Cebollitas -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Circle of Children, A -m- pic yes, no, no
  • Coast to Coast (1996) -m-, pic yes, clip no, no
  • Comeback Kid, The (1980) -m,f- pic yes, clip no, VHS only
  • Don’t Look Now (1983) m-f, pic yes, clip no, no
  • Drexell’s Class -m,f,- pic yes, no clip, no
  • Endlich Urlaub! (2005), pics yes, no, no
  • Famous Jett Jackson, The – m-,f pics yes, clip no, no
  • Fast nackt -m- pic yes, clip no, no?
  • Flash Forward (1996) -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Fortsetzung folgt (2002) -m- pic no (reality TV), no, no
  • Frosties (1990s commercial) -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Fun House (1989) -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Fußballfieber (2000) -m- pic yes, clip no, DVD but only partly
  • Geheimnis der Kormoraninse, Das -m- pic yes, no, DVD yes OOP
  • Geheimnis des Steins, Das -m- pic yes, no clip, no
  • goal del Martin pescatore, Il -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Hang Time (1995) -m,f- pic yes, no, no
  • Haydaze -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Henry Cooper’s Golden Belt -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Immer Nummer Eins -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Ines Duarte, secretaria -m- pic headshot (shirtless), no, no?
  • James at 15 -m- pic yes, no, no
  • Juf & Meester Battle, De -m,f, pic yes, no, no?
  • Jungs-WG, Die -m- pics no (reality TV), no, no
  • Junior Survival -m, f- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Kinder vom Alstertal, Die -m- no pics (shirtless), no, partly VHS
  • Klassewerk internationaal -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Kleine Helden (1996) -m-, pic yes, clip no, no
  • Langnese (commercials) -m,f, pics yes, clip no, no
  • Leo – Ein fast perfekter Typ -m- pic yes, no, no
  • Littlest Hobo, The (1979) -m,f-, pic yes, no, no (other seasons)
  • Löwenzahn -m- pic yes, no, no
  • Lungo il fiume (1989) -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Lyato v byla -m-, yes, no, no
  • Mach mit, Mach’s nach, Mach’s besser -m,f- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Mama ist unmöglich -m,f- pic yes, no, no
  • Manny’s Orphans -m,f- pic yes, clip no, VHS only
  • marica, El -m-, picy yes, clip no, no?
  • Matchball (1994) -m- pic yes, clip no, OOP partly used DVD, expensive
  • Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl -m- pic yes, no, no (s1 only)
  • Mijn idee – m,f, pic yes, clip no, no
  • -m- pic no (reality TV), no clip, no
  • My Secret Identity -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Myach kruglyi… Myach ovalnyi… -m, pic yes, clip no, no
  • Neues vom Süderhof -m- pic yes, clip no, partly VHS
  • Nie mehr zweite Liga! (2006), no (reality TV), no, no
  • Off the Mark (1987), yes, no, VHS only
  • Onkel Oskar -m- pic yes, clip no, DVD yes (expensive ?)
  • OP NAAR DE TOP?! (Villa Achterwerk) -m- pic yes, no, no
  • Ordinary Magic -m- pic yes, clip no, VHS only
  • Peppino -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Pfefferkuchen im Juli -m- pic no (shirtless only?), no, no ?
  • Pfiff -m,f, pic yes, clip no, no
  • Picture Box: Billy -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Pur (see unknown 14)
  • Pyramide, Die -m- pic no (reality TV), no, no/expensive
  • Ricky Martinez (1980) -m- pic yes, clip no, no?
  • Sarah und die Küchenkinder -m- yes, no, no ?
  • Schloss Einstein -m-, pic yes, clip no, no (few on DVDs)
  • Schülergeschichten -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • secreto del corazon, El (2014) -m, pic yes, no, no (movie not released yet)
  • Senkrechtstarter, Die -m- pics yes, clip no, VHS (OOP)
  • Sich Kennenlernen – Sich vertragen -m-, pic yes, no, no/expensive
  • Sixten -m- pic headshot (shirtless), no clip, no
  • Snobs (2003) -m- pic yes, no, no (DVDr)
  • Sojky v hlave -m- pic yes, clip no, no?
  • Sonata pro zrzku -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Sonnenlanze, Die -m- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Spielbude, die -m- pic yes, clip yes, no
  • Spur der roten Fässer, Die -m- pic no (shirtless), no, no
  • Spur & Partner -m- pics yes, no, no
  • Stark! – Kinder erzählen ihre Geschichte -m- pic no (reality), no, no
  • Stickin’ Together (1978) -m- pic yes, clip no, VHS only
  • Stuttgarter Hymnus-Chorknaben -m-, pic yes, clip no, no
  • Surviving (1985) -m- pics yes, clip no, VHS only (OOP)
  • Svetulki v moreto -m- pics yes, clip no, no ?
  • Tag, an dem Anton den Widerland fand, Der -m- pics to come, no, no
  • Tele-Fußball -m,f, pic yes, clip no, no
  • Tobogan -m- picy yes, clip no, no / VHS?
  • Touch the Sun: Peter & Pompey – m- pics yes, clip no, DVD for schools
  • Trapped (2008) -m,f- pic yes, no, no ?
  • Träume, Tränen, Töne -m- pic no (reality TV), no, no
  • Unknown #1 , see Comeback Kid, The
  • Unknown #2 Finnish -m-, pics yes, clip no, no ?
  • Unknown #8 -m- pic yes, clip no, no ?
  • Unknown # 10 -m-, yes, no, no ? Japanese
  • Unknown #11 -m, pics yes, no, no ? Australia ?
  • Unknown #12 -m- pic yes, no, no ? The Netherlands
  • Unknown #13 -m- pic yes, clip no, no? US ?
  • Unknown #14 -m- pic yes, clip no, no D/US
  • Unknown #15 -m- pic yes, clip no, no. The Netherlands
  • Urlaub, wo der Pfeffer wächst -m-, pic yes, no, no
  • Voetballen met Wiel Coerver -m, pics yes, clip yes, VHS?
  • Wetten, dass..? -m,f- pic yes, clip yes, no
  • Whopper Punch 777 (see above)
  • Who’s Watching the Kids (1978) -f-, pic yes, clip no, no
  • Wilder Summer, The – m,f, pic yes, no, no
  • Woof! (1989) -m,f- pic yes, clip no, no
  • Zoom (1999) -m,f- pic yes, clip no, partly VHS

If a film is officially released or you can provide a missing pic or trailer or know one of the unknown movies or want to suggest a movie (feature film, series), please comment. Please no pics taken from other websites (but captured by yourself). Please no links to download sites (or indescent sites) and no trading offers. Those comments will not be published.

A-Z list part 1 A-E

This is a complete list of all entries here and the ratings. Note that I use the “original” IMDb titles. Maybe some titles are slightly differtent here, especially when having apostrophes. Otherwise try a blog search for parts of titles or actors.

  • 6 Richtige (8) boy, dark blue Adidas, red stripes, sitting
  • 7th Heaven (4) teen girls Basketball red, green. boy board shorts
  • A-Team, The (3) boy light grey
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: A Special Gift (5) teen boys, blue, shirtless
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: Don’t Touch (3) older teen boy/young man, dark blue Adidas. Sweat pants
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: It’s a Mile … (6) (teen) boy, blue, red
  • ABC Weekend Specials: Little Lulu (6) boys white, colorful, girls, light blue, others
  • Achterbahn (1992) (7) (teen) boys, shirtless swim shorts, Boxing, Basketball, Soccer
  • Adventures of Pete & Pete, The (9) swim shorts, sports
  • Adventures of Skippy, The (9) boys orange, yellow, black blue. Girls, men women
  • Af banen (2005) (6) Soccer teen boys, blue, green white
  • Air Bud (9) boys basketball, blue, red dark green
  • Air Bud 3: World Pup (4) teen boys, teen girls, Soccer, medium blue
  • All Inclusive – Mit Kind und Koffer zur neuen Liebe (9) boys shirtless Adidas
  • Alles Paletti (1985) (4) teen boy black shorts table tennis. (Soccer) men
  • Almost Summer (3) older teen boys/men, Basketball, red, white, shirtless
  • Amico mio (4) (teen) boys, blue, yellow, white, Soccer. Red swim shorts
  • Anderland (1980) (6) boys, girl incl. Adidas
  • Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (3) older teen boys, black, Soccer, board shorts
  • Anna, Schmidt & Oscar (5) boys white soccer, compression shorts
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI (10) boys. black, other swim shorts
  • Ask Max (Disney-Land) (9) boys red short Basketball, shirtless
  • Atempause (2017) (4) boys, light blue, red Soccer, black tights underneath
  • ATP Tennis blonde balls boys 1993 ? (9) boys medium blue
  • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978) (3) boy yellow, woman dark blue
  • Auf die Plätze… (8) (teen) boys, red, black, green, white Adidas, PE
  • Ausgestossene, Der (1984) (7) boys Adidas light blue, red white black. Girls
  • Aventuras de Enrique y Ana, Las (7) girls, boys orange Adidas
  • Bad News Bears, The (1979) (6) boys, girls, orange, white, blue
  • Bad News Bears (2005) (4) boy red Adidas, black swim shorts, women red
  • bal is rond, De (10) boys, teen boys, teen girls, soccer, many colors
  • balle au bond, La (6) boys, white, Soccer, black compression tights ?
  • Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II, The (5) boys orange, red, yellow, blue, black, men beige swim shorts
  • Bassie en Adriaan en het geheim van de schatkaart (3) Soccer black sit
  • Battle of the Network Stars (3) men, women, 70s style and Adidas, many colors
  • Bay Cove (1993) (5) boys, teen boys Basketball blue black
  • Baywatch (1989) (8) boys, teen boys, men, mainly dark blue, red
  • Beethoven (1992) (5) boys, teen boys Basketball blue, shirtless
  • Believe (2013) (7) boys, girl, white, light blue, black, Soccer, 1984
  • Bernard’s Watch (6) boys, girls, yellow, blue swim shorts, Soccer, blue, white, black..
  • Bibi&Tina: voll verhext (5) boys, Soccer, medium blue, white
  • Big (1988) (9) boys shirtless green Adidas
  • Big and Hairy (7) basketball blue, green, red, beige, black
  • Big Green, The (1995) (10) boys, girls, white, grey, blue soccer
  • Billy Elliot (7) teen boy green, dark blue, white
  • Blank Check (1994) (7) boys, swim shorts, light green, red, colorful
  • Blond bringt nix (2) woman soccer yellow
  • BMX Bandits (3) older teen boy/young man, blue Adidas
  • Bodo – Eine ganz normale Famile (8) Basketball red, green Adidas. Girl
  • Body Works, The (1979) (8) (teen) boys, girls, mainly white Adidas
  • Boxer, The (1997) (6) teen boy, white, blue Adidas boxing
  • Boy Called Dad, A (4) Soccer teen boys, white black, board shorts
  • Brady Bunch, The (4) (teen) boys, blue, red, orange
  • Bundesgartenshow 1997 Eröffnungsshow (6) (teen) boys, blue Adidas Soccer shorts
  • Burnt Offerings (1976) (8) boy light blue swim shorts shirtless, sit
  • Busters verden (7) boys soccer white, blue, red
  • ButterCream Gang, The (4) boys shirtless medium blue swim
  • ButterCream Gang in Secret of Treasure Mountain, The (3) teen boy, light green
  • C’est pas ma faute (1999) (4) boys, blue, orange, black, shorts, swim shorts
  • Call Me by Your Name (2) men, white Adidas, medium red, others
  • Callis kleines Fußballmärchen (7) Soccer boys, black white shirtless, board sh.
  • Carlitos y el campo de los suenos (5) Soccer boys, blue, white, red, green, black
  • Cebollitas (10) boys soccer medium blue, white, black
  • Cedarmont Kids: Gospel Bible Songs (5) Basketball boys, girls, blue, grey, green swim shorts shirtless
  • Charles in Charge (6) boy, woman, blue
  • Chewingum (3) older teens, men, women, yellow, white, blue, black
  • Children in the Crossfire (8) boys dark blue or black swim shorts, wet
  • Chissa perche… capitano tutte a me (6) boys white soccer
  • cielo in una stanza, Il (2) older teen boys/men, Soccer, white 1960s ?
  • Circle of Children, A (8) boys swim shorts, yellow, blue, green, red
  • Cloned (1997)? (6) boys Soccer black
  • Clonus Horror, The (5) boys, girls green blue, men, women, red, blue
  • Club der roten Bänder (6) teen boy, blue swim shorts, men. Soccer green, red.
  • Coach (1978) (4) teen boys medium blue, green, red, woman blue Adidas
  • Coast to Coast (1996) (6) boy long black swim shorts
  • Cold Creek Manor (6) shirtless black board, blue swim
  • Comeback Kid, The (1980) boys, girls, yellow, green, white, woman grey
  • coraggio die parlare, Il (4) Soccer (teen) boys, white, yellow, red, blue, black
  • Crazy in Alabama (4) (teen) boys, light blue, yellow, others, 1960s
  • Current, The (2014) (7) teen boy, shirtless, dark blue
  • Cutting Class (4) teen boys, teen girls, blue, red, yellow, Basketball
  • Czarne stopy (5) boys shirtless red, blue, white, black, Scouts
  • Da obichash na inat (5) boys, teen boys, yellow
  • Daddy’s Home (2015) (6) boys, girls Basketball purple, green
  • Dallas (1978) (10) teen boy, boy purple swim shorts, boy pink black
  • Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The (4) teen boys, dark blue, PE
  • Darfinkar & dönickar (10) boy, black swim shorts
  • demons, Les (2015) (7) boy shirtless blue
  • Dgesastsauli dgesastsaulis molodinshi (4) boys, pink, yellow, white, black, swim
  • Diff’rent Strokes (3) older teen boys, blue, orange, (teen) girls dark blue, other
  • Dirt Bike Kid, The (5) boys, girls, women, light grey, red, purple
  • Djavolji raj (4) boys, shirtless light blue, blue, green, white (1940s, not shiny)
  • Do pervoy krovi (3) boy, dark blue
  • Domestic Disturbance (2001) 3 boys Basketball blue, yellow
  • Don Camillo (1984) (7) boys, girls, teens Adidas red, blue soccer
  • Don’t Look Now (1983) (4) boy light blue, teen boys, girls dark blue, (white)
  • doppelte Lottchen, Das (2017) (5) boys, teen boy shirtless blue swim shorts
  • Drakosha i kompaniya (3) boy medium blue, sitting
  • Drexell’s Class (6) boys, girls yellow, green, girl pink
  • Dry White Season, A (5) boy dark blue, shirtless, white Rugby
  • Dschungelkind (3) black boy, light blue shorts, shirtless
  • Eerie, Indiana (3) teen boys, black, (brown not shiny)
  • Endlich Urlaub! (2005) teen boy shirtless light blue/white/blue. Boy
  • Ernest Goes to Camp (7) red, white Adidas, blue, shirtless
  • Eskimo Limon (movie series) (3) boy, teen boys, blue, black, grey
  • Eva & Adam (9) boys, orange, other swim shorts, sports


A-Z list part 2 L-R

  • Langnese (1983 commercial) (4) woman cycling blue, older teen boys/men
  • Langnese (1985 commercial) (8) boys white Adidas, light green, men
  • Lat den ratte komma in (7) boys, teen boys green, white
  • Laura und Luis (9) boy, light blue Adidas wet
  • Legend of Billie Jean, The (7) boys blue, grey, green, yellow, shirtless, woman red, men
  • Lemonade Mouth (3) older teen boys, men, Soccer medium blue, black, grey
  • Leo – Ein fast perfekter Typ (4) boys Soccer green
  • Like a Kiss from Jesus (8) boy shirtless light green
  • Like Mike (2002) (3) teen boy, orange, white Basketball, men grey
  • Linus i svingen (3) young girls, boys. Adidas red, medium blue. Black, white
  • Little Men (2005) (3) teen boy, blue Basketball shorts (not playing it)
  • Littlest Hobo, The (1979) (6) boys, girls, teens, blue, black, red, green, purple
  • Loca por el circo (1982) (4) young Soccer boys, white Adidas
  • Lockie Leonard (5) boy, teen boy blue, green, black, white
  • Love Boat, The (1977) (9) teen boy, teen girl, white Adidas shirtless, wet
  • Löwenzahn (6) boys Soccer blue, swim shorts. Blue Puma, girl red
  • Lower Learning (3) boys, girls, light blue, man dark blue sitting, boxing
  • Lungo il fiume (1989) (4) boy, red Adidas Junior
  • Lyato v byalo (6) boys light blue, blue, white, black, shirtless
  • Mach mit, Mach’s nach, Mach’s besser (5) boys, girls, yellow, red, blue
  • Mag Wheels (3) men, women, Adidas green, white, women yellow
  • Malcolm in the Middle (5) boys Soccer orange. Board shorts
  • Mama ist unmöglich (7) boys, girl yellow, black Basketball
  • Man, Woman and Child (6) (teen) boys, Adidas dark blue. Red, light green, light blue, dark blue, others, men
  • Manni, der Libero (6) boys, teen boys, white, blue, black Adidas soccer, red Puma
  • Manny’s Orphans (8) boys, teen boys, girl orange Adidas, green
  • marica, El (6) boys, red, white, shirtless, sitting
  • Matchball (1994) (3) teen boy medium blue Tennis
  • Me’ever Layam (3) boys, green, blue, black (1960s)
  • Meander (2005) (5) (teen) boys, blue Adidas, black
  • Meatballs (8) boys, teens boys, girls, men. Adidas. sweat pants
  • Mees Kees langs de lijn (3) boys, girls, dark, medium blue, black, (green)
  • Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl (7) light blue, blue Adidas
  • Menino Maluquinho: O Filme (4) boys green, blue, Soccer
  • Message in a Cell Phone (8) boys board shorts, shirtless blue
  • Mijn idee (7) (teen) boys, girls, blue, black, PE, Soccer
  • Mini Stars (6) boys, black modern Adidas Soccer
  • Minor Miracle, A (8) boys, teen boys blue, red, pink, white, yellow
  • Mortified (2006) (6) boys, girls, Soccer blue, red, black
  • (7) boys, teen boys, black, blue, red, girls red
  • Mrs. Doubtfire (5) boy, black swim shorts, men
  • My Secret Identity (5) teen boys, black, blue, red
  • Myach kruglyi… Myach ovalnyi… (5) (teen) boys, Soccer, Rugby red, orange, black, white, yellow
  • Na planincah (3) (teen) boys, black, blue, white, shirtless
  • Natsu no niwa (3) boys Soccer black, medium blue, green
  • Neighbours (1985) (2) (teen boys/men, teen girls), track shorts, board shorts
  • Neues aus Uhlenbusch (6) boys Soccer, black Adidas, red, white, green
  • Neues vom Süderhof (5) teen boy light turqouise swim shorts
  • Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter, The (7) teen boy white/yellow swim sh
  • Nicostratos le pelican (8) teen boy wez white shirtless
  • Nie mehr zweite Liga! (2006) (8) boys white soccer
  • Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, A (6) teen boys/men, women, green, red, black, white, grey
  • Nos Embalos de Ipanema (3) men red, yellow
  • Oddballs (9) boys, red, grey Adidas, blue shorts, red speedo
  • Odysseus a hvezdy (7) teen boy, shirtless orange
  • Off the Mark (1987) (7) boys, girls, men, women, blue, black, Adidas
  • One Crazy Summer (7) boys beige shorts, girl light blue. Woman black. Yellow
  • One Hour Photo (5) boys, orange Soccer
  • Onkel Oskar (6) boys black Adidas
  • OP NAAR DE TOP?! (Villa Achterwerk 1994) (6) Soccer boys, white with compression shorts, red
  • Ordinary Magic (4) teen boy shortless dark blue Adidas, wet
  • Oscar Mayer Bologna (1988 commercial) (2) boy white, man dark blue Adidas
  • Over the Top (1987) (4) teen boy, dark blue tennis shorts
  • Paper Brigade, The (6) teen boy, dark red board shorts, underwear
  • Parchis entra en accion (5) Soccer boys, girls, Adidas, white, red. Blue. Swimming
  • Party Camp (6) man blue, grey, woman black, boys yellow, other
  • Pauline a la plage (6) teen boy shirtless dark blue Adidas
  • Peanut Butter Solution, The (5) Soccer boys red, medium blue
  • Penitentiary III (3) man, grey, red, dark blue, black, woman red Adidas
  • Peppino (7) boy blue Adidas, sitting, wet
  • Pfefferkuchen im Juli (5) teen boys shirtless shower red
  • Pfiff (10) (teen) boys, girls, light blue, other Adidas
  • Picture Box: Billy (6) boys Soccer Adidas white, blue
  • Poison Ivy (1985) (10) boys, girls, teens women many colors
  • Pinball Summer (5) teen girls, men, women blue, red, green
  • Piranha (1978) (9) boys yellow, women yellow, blue, white, men
  • Piranha (1995) (4) boys, teen boys, pink, light blue, others
  • Plyontek (4) (teen) boys, white, black, Basketball
  • Poletje v skoljki (8) boys, girls, black blue white Adidas, red, light blue sh.
  • Priklyucheniya Elektronika (7) (teen) boys, blue, light blue, (black, red) PE
  • Prisoner of Zenda, Inc., The (6) boy blue Baseball
  • Private Lessons (1981) (5) teen boys beige, green swim shorts
  • Promiscuidade, os Pivetes de Katia (8) boys, Adidas, blue, black, red, … woman
  • Punky Brewster (1984) (3) teen boy, dark blue 70s + grey sweatpants
  • Pur (see unknown 14)
  • Pyramide, Die (1979) (7) boys black, dark blue Adidas sitting compression sh.
  • Racheta alba (4) boys, teen boys, red 70s, red Adidas, rare orange or brown
  • Rallyplaneten (6) boys, girls, black Adidas Junior, wet
  • Ready for This (3) teen boys, teen girls, woman, black, red, blue, compression sh.
  • Rebound (2005) (7) teen girl, boys Basketball many colors
  • Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel (1995) (3) Soccer, swimming
  • Respiro (2002) (9) boy, teen boys, men shirtless light blue, yellow, blue, other
  • Revenge of the Nerds (1984) (3) boy black, men red, black, women light blue
  • Revenge of the Nerds II (2) men red, green, light blue… Women yellow, black…
  • Rhapsody in Bloom (5) (teen) boys, red Soccer, sitting
  • Ricky Martinez (1980) (5) boys, PE, blue, light blue, white
  • ritorno del piccolo Lord, Il (3) teen boys, shirtless swim shorts underwater
  • Robin of Locksley (6) boys Soccer black
  • Rolling Elvis (4) boys dark blue, turqouise, 80s setting
  • rote Zora und ihre Bande, Die (6) boy, black swim shorts
  • Royal Tenenbaums, The (4) boys shirtless red Adidas
  • RTL Kinderhitparade (9) boys blue Adidas, girl black
  • Rupert Patterson Wants to be a Super Hero (4) boys, blue