Update: Achterbahn (1992)


Some more episodes. Pic 1 showing 2 boys in ep 44. One in medium blue shiny shorts with sweatpants underneath (what is very rare in Germany), the other one in dark blue (or black) shiny shorts.

Pic 2 showing a boy boxing in light blue shiny shorts in ep 28.

At least one update coming soon (white Soccer).

I also have checked some more of It (2017). The yellow shorts aren’t shiny. Damn. I have uploaded a better pic of the red ones.




Achterbahn (1992)


Kids TV series, 69 ep + 2 movies
Year: 1992-2002
Year in film: 1990s, 2000s
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: boys ~9-15 ?
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: no
I own: no, party VHS recording
Clothing occurence: medium- ?
Rating:  7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Comment: Some boys in swim shorts in different episodes. Mainly most wore speedos when swimming. Pic 1, one boy in larger, medium blue shiny swim shorts also sitting (also another one in nice yellow speedos), pic 2 one in wet yellow, green, red ones. I think also episodes about Soccer at least one in white shorts. One boy boxing in light blue shiny shorts in ep 28 and boys in light and medium blue shorts (one in sweatpants underneath), both pics coming soon.

Another swimming scene in ep 68 “Flachschwimmer” unlike almost all other episodes available on DVD. At least one teen boy in dark swim shorts. PE, Basketball and locker room scenes in ep 33 “Der Andere” at least one shirtless in medium blue shiny shorts.

Good shirtless swimming scenes and handsome boys in “Der Fünfzigmarkschein” and “Nie wider Ibiza” but I think either speedos or board shorts.

Great family series about friendships. I don’t know all episodes and have some partially on VHS. I have to check for the episode names of the ones pictured and also other episodes. But I remember rather few good shiny shorts scenes.

Rating 7-8 for now. Also on my sailor suit blog, rating 4.

Subtitle: “Filme über Freunde heute”. Although always used, the word “heute” doesn’t belong to the subtitle to me, but it’s obviusly the announcement (“today” showing) of the actual episode as separately shown at the intro at a different frame.



Update: Pfiff


I found some pics of some more episodes. I forgot to save at least one. And I haven’t found my clips. So, at least one more update soon.

Pic 1 showing a boy in short hair and red shorts (unknown fabric) at parallel bars. I remember Eberhard Gienger in the studio.

Pic 2 showing Volleyball playing boys. Dark blue, shiny Adidas shorts with light blue stripes and inner briefs. Also one boy in light blue shorts, I think not Adidas, coming soon.

Pic 3 showing a boy underwater in swimshorts at an indoor waterpark. I didn’t remember that episode. Most boys in this and other episodes about swimming wore speedos.

For these scenes rating 6-7 only. All episodes around 1989/1990.

Main entry, rating 10 (light blue Adidas Handball)





Kids sports magazine
Year in film:
1989 (pic)
Who in shorts:
boys ~10-16 ?
Who in shorts 2:
men ? girls?
Available on DVD:
I own:
no, partly TV recording
Clothing occurence:
Several boys and teen boys in different shorts, mainly Adidas shorts, like these ones in light blue Adidas shorts (with inner briefs) mostly quite tight from this 1989 episode episode about Handball. Also lots of others, some in speedos, long pants or else. But I don’t know/don’t remember all 350 episodes.

Another suggestion from Turn-adi. Thanks! In fact, this is my clip. I didn’t want to promote it and I had bad experiences on YouTube. People always want more and more and I also had copyright claims (not for this one), spam and insults.

Light blue is one of my favourite color and the scene pictured is my favourite. There are also older teen boys that aren’t very handsome. Also the best episode, I remember. I think, this would be rank #3 or even #2 on my TOP-10 list. But I prefer US actors and don’t add this.

I will search for other scenes and other colors and probably make more posts later. But these shows aren’t available anyway and I won’t upload more vids. I don’t have much more either.




Update: Die Kinder vom Alstertal


I found a third, great swimming scene in s1e5.

Pictured are young Niklas in red/light blue/black swim shorts, Tobias in light blue ones and Sebastian in orange/black/grey swim shorts or maybe board shorts. Also nice rear view (wet) when going out of the lake. Tobias’ shorts obviously have inner nettings and he don’t wear anything else. Also girls in swimwear but I think not in shorts.

I don’t like at all Tobias. My favourite actor here is Sebastian.

Also an update on my bib overalls blog (rating 5)

Main entry (previously no pics at all but scenes are even better), rating 5 at


Unknown 15: Dutch 1980s diabetis commercial


~1988 ??
Year in film:
The Netherlands
Who in shorts:
boys ~10
Who in shorts 2:

Available on DVD:
I own:
no, TV recording
Clothing occurence:
Rating:  7
Some Soccer boys in shiny shorts including at least 2 red and one in light blue. I think the light blue one has a long white drawstring bouncing outside.

I found this pic on my backups. I think this was a commercial about diabetic (or was it asthma ?). Main character is the boy in the light blue shorts. I think also shown in (light blue ?) pajamas at night.

I’m not sure about the broadcasting date and haven’t found (my) clip, yet. Either 1988 or 1989 or early 1990s.

Also not sure about the purpose. Maybe donations or saver living or that people should go check themselves or for a hotline. I think it’s not about a product. Has anybody more details?

Update 2: Kidsongs


Last night, I remembered The Cedarmont Kids and especially the song “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” (overalls blog, rating 8), and so, I’ve checked if there are other clips. And I found a version from Kidsongs. And later some more clips of them. Updates on my other blog also coming soon.

Pictured is the song “Footloose” (1987). I have checked almost all Kidsongs vid, and I wonder, how I could miss this and others.

At least a girl and boy in light blue shiny Adidas shorts. Also Basketball playing boys and girls in green and yellow shorts. Very good, although some kids are very young.

Main entry, rating 8 at



Update 4: Meatballs


As announced, another, final update of Meatballs. I have checked most of the important scenes more carefully and almost all (Adidas) shorts turned out to be not shiny but of cotton fabric, including the green ones.

I just found an interesting scene at 12 minutes (pic 1) with the young boys. There’s one boy in medium blue, shiny shorts with 4 stripes, also lying on the bed. Another boy in (non-shiny) dark blue Adidas shorts.

Pic 2 showing a boy in 70s style red shorts (after 36 minutes) at the parent’s day being embraced.

Pic 3 at 1h21 showing a girl in white (shiny) Adidas and another girl in dark blue shiny 70s shorts. The man, I already had.

Pic 4 showing older teen boys/young men, one in white 70s shorts, one in medium blue sitting, one in orange shorts with red sweat pants underneath and an older teen girl in tight, white shorts.

Unpictured: Another young man in sweat pants underneath at the wrestling scene at 1h11. And another boy in red shorts at 1h21 (rear view, from a distance) next many others. I think, there’s one young boy sitting in black shorts (but from a distance) and maybe also dark yellow shorts (not shiny). So almost all colors, except pink and purple. Not sure about grey ones.

I think, I have to recheck the movie again later at slow speed, especially the audience. Most and best scenes near the end at the different competitions. Main overview entry, rating 8 at