Update: James at 15


Next to the perfect swim shorts scenes of Lance Kerwin (rating 10, TOP rank #4, see my TOP 10 pic on the right coloumn) and the locker room scenes, I also found some more PE scenes on YouTube (episode Champions). I didn’t knew that they are on YouTube.

Several shorts and also sitting scenes, including light and dark blue, white, red and grey. Probably not all shiny. Lance Kerwin also in medium blue speedos in the pilot.

I still haven’t checked all episodes. Rating ~7 for these shorts.

Also soon on my bedroom and pigtails blog.


Update: Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern?


Some more and even better scenes in s1e11. And shirtless scenes and black swim shorts of Felix (few and brief scenes at the end).

Felix also in dark blue, modern Adidas shorts and Johanna in black Adidas shorts. Also some few other kids in shiny shorts including a girl in white ones. Also the dad of Felix in blue Adidas shorts.

Main entry rating 5, now maybe a bit higher



Update: Il ritorno del piccolo Lord


I previously don’t had any pics, as I only remember few and brief scenes, mainly in and underwater. Luckily, I now found this pic on an old hard drive, dark blue or black with yellow swim shorts. I don’t remember good scenes of the other (red) shorts.

Not that bad, but very few and brief scenes at the beginning only. Very poor, modern movie remake of Little Lord Fauntleroy. (Rating 1-2).

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Update 2: Auf die Plätze…


Bavarian kids school sports magazine
Year: 1998-2003
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: Josef ~11 ?
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: no
I own: no, partly TV recordings
Clothing occurence: low+ ?
Rating:  8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: Searching for the handsome boys, assumed in blue Adidas shorts, rating 7-8 (I only found some headshots but will continue my search), I found this interesting episode which is (partly) about swimming. Also boys in speedos, lying on their backs, legs angled. Afterwards and I think before, the Bavarian main character Josef wearing shiny, white Adidas shorts with dark blue stripes and I think inner briefs for leisure wear on his farm. Also sitting on the tractor and just answering with yes and no.

I think there was also another boy (brother or friend) but I don’t remember his clothes.

At least one other update coming soon. Snapshot was capture in 2004 (I haven’t found the original clip), so the recording and airing can be at anytime between 1998 and 2003, probably in the first half of that, so still in the late 90s.

Main entry, previously rating 7 at


Update: Auf die Plätze…


Kids school sports magazine
Year: 1998-2003
Year in film: 2002 ?
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: boys ~11-13
Who in shorts 2: boys ~8-16
Available on DVD: no
I own: no, partly TV recordings
Clothing occurence: medium ?
Rating:  4/10 (7/10)
Rating: ****
Comment: I almost forgot to post this other episode of “Auf die Plätze..”. Captured in Dec 2002, could also been the time of airing. Or recorded earlier in the late 90s.

Several boys and young teen boys (at least 20+, probably around 40) outside doing track and field, half of them in white (non-Adidas) shorts, the others in green Adidas shorts (with inner briefs). Green Addias shorts are rather rarely shown (in movies) and I think rarely worn in the 80s. Blue and red were much more common.  Not only the colors were preferred but probably also the (German) Soccer clubs wearing those. I think only one or two clubs wearing green in the early 80s (Werder Bremen and Borussia Mönchengladbach ?), see this list


As announced, I only have some very short clips but I don’t like this one of older boys.

The previous post is much better (rating 7).


I somewhere have a clip of handsome Bavarian boys, I think in blue Adidas shorts in a studio (rating ~7), but I have to search for it and I’m not sure if this is from this series as well. Coming soon.

Update: Las aventuras de Enrique y Ana


I now found some more scenes, also some girls in white Adidas shorts (sitting on the balls) and a boy shirtless in 70s style orange shorts. Also a shirtless hippie teen boy in yellow bib overalls and girls in bib overalls (update on my overalls blog, rating ~3-5).

I still don’t know the complete movie, but I assume rather few shorts scenes besides these, if any.

The pics in the main entries are better. Although few scenes, I think I still give rating 7. New tags: white, shirtless.



Update: All Inclusive – Mit Kind und Koffer zur neuen Liebe


The later episodes aren’t as good as episode 3. Some good, but very brief scenes in yesterday’s final episode 6 including light blue, neon green and yellow shorts. Some more board shorts are shown including dark and medium blue, dark green, yellow and some colorful.

Very interesting is a sitting scene of 13 yo boy Luca in pic 3. Most other boys are younger. Mainly the grown-ups are shown.

A bit touching at the end (some boys crying). I still haven’t checked ep 1+2.

Rating around 6 for this episode.

Main entry, rating 9 at



Update: Party Camp


As announced some time ago, an update of “Party Camp” (1987), as I forgot several scenes. There are many interesting shorts but not all are shiny. And most teen boys or young men are quite old. Many scenes from a distance.

So, pic 1 showing some grown-ups and kids running including boys ~9 yo and up in blue, beige and colorful shorts.

Pic 2 showing young men in shiny light grey and red shorts (and jeans shorts).

Pic 3 showing a young lady in black shorts.

Unpictured (men running): Tight shorts in medium green (probably shiny), white (probably not shiny) and some more.

Main entry, rating 6 including teen boys, sitting, yellow shorts and Adidas shorts at