Zoom (1999)


Educational series
Year: 1999-2005
Year in film: 1990s, 00s
Country: USA
Who in shorts: boys ~10
Who in shorts 2: girls ~10, 16 ?
Available on DVD: partly VHS
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: As announced on my bib overalls blog (f/m, but mainly girls and teen girls, currently rating 6), there are some few boys and girls in (shiny) shorts, too.

At least a boy, I think handicapped, in oversized pink shorts in s3e24, a boy in dark blue shorts in s2e20, 2 white stripes. And a girl in black or similar shorts in s3e37.

Some older teen girls playing Basketball in  red shorts but probably not shiny (s1e6).

For now, rating 4-5 only due to the few and brief scenes.

They sometimes wore costumes in the studio, also on my western blog, rating 5.


Summer School (1987)


Romance, comedy film. Kirstie Alley
Year: 1987
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in shorts: girl ~7 ?
Who in shorts 2: men, woman, boys ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low+ ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: First a young girl in purple shorts (YouTube vid missing upper and lower parts), a lady in tight, silver shiny shorts and some more men, women and boys (partly shirtless) in shorts (mainly board shorts) and or swimwear, but I think mainly or only from a distance.

To those who prefer females. I haven’t noticed any good scenes for me. Typical movie of it’s kind. There are better ones. The silver shorts are rather plastic pants and not really shiny shorts.

So rating 2-3 only.


Update: Kidsongs


As announced on my bib overalls blog, I found some more scenes.

At least girls in pink, purple and red shorts (not sure if all are shiny). Girl in red shorts doing rope jumping in song “Skip to my Lou”. Also a boy in red shorts playing Baseball. Another boy in medium blue shorts, but probably not shiny. Maybe some more.

Pics 1+2 are from the song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” (1985), pic 3 I think from “This Old Man”. Songs are available on different DVDs including A Day at Old MacDonald’s Farm. Recent vid of the official YouTube channel.

I still haven’t rechecked all episodes for shiny shorts and swim shorts (especially the Kidsongs TV Show). Great series with handsome boys (Kyle and others) and good songs.

Rating~6-7 for this scenes.

Main entry, rating 8 (same for the other blog, f/m)



Update: Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern?


Some more and even better scenes in s1e11. And shirtless scenes and black swim shorts of Felix (few and brief scenes at the end).

Felix also in dark blue, modern Adidas shorts and Johanna in black Adidas shorts. Also some few other kids in shiny shorts including a girl in white ones. Also the dad of Felix in blue Adidas shorts.

Main entry rating 5, now maybe a bit higher



Bernard’s Watch


Family series
Year: 1997-2004
Year in film: 1990s
Country: UK
Who in shorts: boys ~8-10 ?
Who in shorts 2: girls
Available on DVD: VHS only
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low ?
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: Two boys in dark blue and yellow swim shorts in s2e10 and Soccer boys and girls in black, white and blue shorts s2e4.

Also a boy (Bernard) in light blue shorts sitting on the grass, a girl in red and a boy in green shorts (Soccer) and some in the locker room. Unknown episode. YouTube clip “Titles and special effects”.

After Woof!, I also found this nice series from the same Director.

Funny plot about stopping the time. I assume rather few good scenes. Kids are also quite young. I haven’t checked all episodes.

Rating 6-7 for now. Also on my pigtails blog, rating 4.


Woof! (1989)


Family series, boy turns into dog. 9 seasons
Year: 1989-1997
Year in film: 1980s, 90s
Country: UK
Who in shorts: boys ~8-10 ?
Who in shorts 2: girls ?
Available on DVD: no
I own: no, partly TV recording
Clothing occurence: low ?
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: Some young boys and I think also girls in different shorts, probably some are shiny like black and blue. Obiously also some boys shirtless, but in the background. And Thomas Aldwinckle (pic 2 from s1e3) and maybe others in shorts but I think not shiny (maybe shorts for PE). Often school shorts are not shiny in the UK (and Australia).

Pics 1+3 are from a movie-length clip on YouTube, probably a DVD compilation of season 1. Definitley before season 6 as there are other actors.

Great series. I don’t remember all episodes. Maybe some more good episodes/scenes. Unfortunately still not on DVD. I have to check more clips on YouTube.

For now rating 4-5 for shorts only. There’s a girl and I also found a boy in bib overalls, update soon on my other blog. Also on my bedroom blog, rating 7.


Update: Las aventuras de Enrique y Ana


I now found some more scenes, also some girls in white Adidas shorts (sitting on the balls) and a boy shirtless in 70s style orange shorts. Also a shirtless hippie teen boy in yellow bib overalls and girls in bib overalls (update on my overalls blog, rating ~3-5).

I still don’t know the complete movie, but I assume rather few shorts scenes besides these, if any.

The pics in the main entries are better. Although few scenes, I think I still give rating 7. New tags: white, shirtless.



Las aventuras de Enrique y Ana


Musical film
Year: 1981
Year in film: 1980s
Country: Spain
Who in shorts: boys~ 7-12
Who in shorts 2: girls, teens ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low+?
Rating:  7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Comment: Several boys and girls in orange (or light red ?) shiny Adidas shorts. 3 stripes on the side and border of the legs. Also nice sitting scenes. At least one boy in other (non-Adidas) orange shorts (pic on my bib overalls blog).

Today, I got a comment on my other blog and so came across this movie.

I have to recheck the movie for more scenes. I think also teens (in red shorts ?)

Rating even 6-7 for now.

Rating 3-5 on my bib overalls blog, rating 5 on my sailor suit blog (blonde boy).

Update: Also girls in white Adidas shorts and a boy shirtless in 70s style orange shorts.


Die Wilden Kerle 2


Family Soccer film. Ochsenknecht
Year: 2005
Year in film: 2000s ?
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: boys~ 11-12
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Clothing occurence: low+
Rating:  5/10 *
Rating: *****
Comment: Some boys and I think one girl mainly in longer, black shorts. Also the home team playing Soccer in underwear. The other team partly in shorter and tigher, I think blue Adidas shiny shorts.

I have seen all or almost all the movies and own 1+2 on DVD, but surprisingly there are few shiny shorts scenes as they often play in their street clothes.

This 2nd movie is definitely the best of them all.  Many DVD extras and some very good scenes like very handsome blonde actors (Marlon Wessel), loosing even his underwear while playing Soccer (unfortunately not shown), a girl peeing like a boy, and bare butts at the end.

Movie rating ~7. For shiny shorts, rating 4-5 only. I have to recheck the later movies (but I don’t like them) the actors also grew much older. English title: The Wild Soccer Bunch. Novels by Joachim Masannek.

Again mistakes on IMDb Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht missing his surname.

RTL Kinderhitparade


Kids music show. Host Frank Zander
Year: 1989-1992
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: Stefan ~11, girl
Who in shorts 2: Dominik, Matthias ~11
Available on DVD: no
I own: no, partly TV recording
Clothing occurence: low ?
Rating:  9/10 *
Rating: *********
Comment: Some few boys and girls in shiny (Adidas) shorts.

Pic 1 showing Stefan in dark blue Adidas shorts (stripes not splitted) and a girl in black shorts (no stripes). 1991 episode 4, song “Hit Kids sind sportlich”. I remember also boy Torben as a boxer (but not very handsome).

Pic 2 showing one of the 2 brothers of a band called Ketch-up (Dominik & Matthias), maybe showing Dominik. This song called “Sie ißt nur Müsli” (She Drives Me Crazy, FYC cover).

I think both also in shiny, dark blue Adidas shorts, but I haven found pics or clips yet. Does anybody has pics? Maybe in a different show, probably in the German version of “Mini Stars” (host Matthias Krings) also shown in Li-La-Launebär. Song “Eins Zu Null (Hangin’ Tough)” (New Kids on the Block cover).

Very handsome boys, nice mullet haircut, also very good songs (high pitched voices).

Rating 3 for Torben, rating 5-6 for Stefan and rating 9-10 for Ketch-up.