Die Wollnys – Eine schrecklich große Familie!


Reality TV, huge family, 129+episodes, 11 + seasons
Year: 2011-
Year in film: 2018
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: Lauredana ~14
Who in shorts 2: (teen) boys, men
Available on DVD: yes, partly
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: very low
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Lauredana in pink shorts in the middle of yesterday’s episode 129. One brief scene only. I think also others shown (f,m) at the annual Turkey vacations. But mainly or only board shorts and probably boys mainly from a distance. I think also Jeremy Pascal, around 16 yo in board shorts there. Also young men like Peter in board shorts including in ep 129 and Florian in yellow or similar swim shorts. There were also at least 2 early episodes (ep 45 + (57 ?)), several years ago at an indoor pool, with younger boys. Probably also in swim shorts. I have to recheck this later.

I rember Lauredana also in (black ?) Adidas shorts or pants one or 2 seasons ago at the new house.

Very few (good) scenes, so rating ~2-3 for shorts only.

Also on my other blogs (overalls, bedroom, pigtails).


Update 2: Schülergeschichten


By coincidence, I found some new uploads with very good Adidas shorts in episode 6.

Including splitted shorts in red and dark blue. Also black Adidas Junior. And also 70s shorts in red and no name shorts in dark blue and medium blue.

Maybe I missed more scenes in other episodes?

Main entry, rating 8, maybe I have to give an even higher rating



Der Sprung (1999)


Short film, 12 minutes
Year: 1999
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: boys ~8-11 ?
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: low-
Rating:  5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: At least these 2 boys in swim shorts. Maybe more supporting (older) actors in the background. But most wearing speedos. Few and brief scenes at the outdoor pool. Also a brief peeing scene at the beginning.

Quite interesting. Nice swim shorts and a bit chubby.

English title: The Jump. I haven’t found a DVD release.

For the brief scenes rating 5-6 only.

Die Pfefferkörner


Kids detective series, 15+seasons
Year: 1999-
Year in film: ~1999, later
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: girls Soccer
Who in shorts 2: Fiete, Cem, board shorts
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no, partly TV recordings
Clothing occurrence: very low?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: Some Soccer playing girls in ep 70 (s6e5, 2009) in white and green shorts and Fiete and Cem in board shorts in ep 5. Maybe more in other episodes? But obviously very few scenes. Most likely Basketball shorts.

Has been rebroadcasted yesterday.

Also on my bib overalls blog, rating 5 (females only).

English title The Peppercorns. Set in Hamburg.

Upcoming episode 190 (s15e8, Schwimmbadhelden, Dec 15) might have swim shorts or board shorts.

Blöde Mütze!


Family film
Year: 2007
Year in film: 2000s
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: Oliver 14
Who in shorts 2: boys ~12-13 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, TV recording
Clothing occurence: very low
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Some boys in shiny, orange shorts but very brief scene and mainly from a distance. Also 14 yo Oliver shirtless in black or similar swim shorts, also wet, mainly from a distance standing but also sitting. At the end main character 12 yo Johann Hillmann as Martin (pic 2 on left) shirtless in swim trunks (retro briefs), I think black as well. Jumping in the lake, but I think not shown wet and briefly.

Also previously on my bedroom blog, rating 4.

Quite good movie (plot). And I like orange shorts. But for the brief scenes rating ~3-4 only. I don’t like both boys. Martin and his haircut not handsome. And bully Oliver is too arrogant and quite old.

Auf Augenhöhe


Family film
Year: 2016
Year in film: 2010s ?
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: Michi ~11
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Clothing occurence: very low ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: At least Luis Vorbach in red shorts. Probably only a very brief scene in the middle of the movie. Interesting movie. Still running.

Also soon on my bedroom blog, rating ~6.

UKW: Sommersprossen


Has been aired in yesterday’s show Damals war’s (pic 1). One band member shirtless in pink shiny shorts. Either Peer Gerlach or Andreas Schwarz-Ruszczynski. Others in speedos. Maybe some more in the background? Available on the mdr mediathek. Scene at 9 minutes. I haven’t found this on YouTube.

Pic 2 from the regular ZDF Hitparade 1982 YouTube clips showing dark blue shiny shorts. I think also someone in white shorts?

Rating 2-3 only.

Löwenzahn – s34e5


Family / educational series. Starring Guido Hammesfahr
Year: 2014
Year in film: 2010s
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: boys ~9-11
Who in shorts 2: men, girls, women ?
Available on DVD: no (partly)
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium *
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: Boys, girls (including at least teen girls) and I think men and women in both red and medium blue shiny shorts. Also sitting scenes (bench, lawn and one boy elsewhere). Episode 325 Fußball – Das Wunder von Bärstadt.

Has been aired today, but I missed most of it. So needs to be rechecked more carefully at slow speed. I think several scenes in this episodes, but very few in the complete series.

Rating 6-7. Handsome boys and great sitting scenes, also close-up.


Also of interest: Die Aufnahmeprüfung (2012) has been aired yesterday. Longhaired Sandro Iannotta and an older boy in board shorts and other shorts.

Heidi und Erni – ep. 27


Originally, I just wanted to upgrade some pics on my Lederhosen blog (soming soon) and so I found some more great shiny shorts scenes. All from episode 27, which is also the best showing boys in Lederhosen (long and tight+short). How could I miss this scenes/episode?

Unfortunately, the scenes are short, and in the series, boys and men are mainly in the distance and rather few (good) scenes.

Pic at at the beginning showing a boy in tight, light blue shorts (also rear view later, shorts in the butt crack). The shorts have shadow stripes like the late 80s Adidas shorts. Splitted at the sides but probably aren’t Adidas. Obviously missing the stripes and they’re too tight. Splitted and shadow stripes so not Adidas Junior. Or maybe the stripes are faded.

Pic 2 showing a boy in dark blue Adidas shorts. I think only this close-up scene.

Pic 3 showing a boy from a distance in purple shorts with wide turqouise or light blue sides. Also others in 80s cotton shorts including colorful and black.

I have to recheck the complete series and especially this episode, but am currently too busy and have something else to watch. Light blue and purple are my favourite colors.

Main entry, currently rating 6