Update: Believe (2013)


I have completely checked this movie (at high speed) for my overalls blog. Indeed many (good) scenes of shiny shorts/Soccer (f,m). Next to the white and great light blue shorts, there are also dark blue shorts.

And at least the goalkeeper (white shorts) wore black compression shorts underneath.

Main entry, still rating 7


Plaese also note my previous post.



Update: It (2017)


I have almost checked the complete movie (but at high speed, so it’s possible that I miss some scenes, especially supporting actors, I think I’ve seen dark blue shorts at school, but maybe not shiny), mainly for my bib overalls blog (update there coming next, also with more girls). Also great bedrooms scenes, soon on my other blog.

The only notable and great shiny shorts are the dark red ones. I haven’t noticed (good) cycling nor sitting scenes in them. And the yellow shorts are unfortunately not shiny.

As mentioned before, good tighty whitey scenes of all main characters.

I don’t like the characters. I prefer the 1990 movie.

Main entry, still rating 6


Call Me by Your Name


Drama, 1 Oscar
Year in film:
I, F, Brazil, USA
Who in shorts:
Oliver ~30
Who in shorts 2:

Available on DVD:
I own:
Clothing occurence:
medium ?
Comment: At least Armie Hammer in white Adidas shorts with red stripes and inner briefs, including sitting scenes. Also mainly shirtless in other shorts and swim shorts like medium red or similar (wet, 1 black stripe), yellow, medium green, but most or all other shorts are not shiny. The younger boy, ~21 yo Timothée Chalamet as 17 yo Elio also in (colorful) shorts but I think none are shiny.

Thanks for this suggestion. But I don’t like (hairy) men in shorts. Nothing special, like for my other blogs like men in overalls or Cowboys or sailors. And this is not a blog just for Adidas.

And this white ones don’t appear shiny. More of interest are the medium red, sometimes pink appearing wet shorts. But I only have seen pics on IMDb of those.

Maybe an interesting movie and gay plot (80s setting), but I don’t like at all these actors.

Rating ~2 for now only.

Now on TV: Drachenjungfrau


Crime film
Year: 2016
Year in film: ~1985 ?
Country: Austria
Who in shorts: Martin ~6 ?
Who in shorts 2: others ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: very low
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: Now on ZDF. Some young boys in shorts, most notably this boy in medium blue shorts. Probably just a flashback scene at the beginning only. I have briefly checked the rest (at high speed) and haven’t found any other scenes.

Probably 6 yo Laurens Yassemipour as young Martin. He jumps from a cliff in the water. But probably not shown coming out, so not tagged wet.

IMDb title: “Landkrimi: Drachenjungfrau”.


Journey of the Heart (1997)


Hallmark TV drama. Cybill Shepherd
Year: 1997
Year in film: 1980s ? 90s ?
Country: USA
Who in shorts: older teen boys/young men
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: very low
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: Some older teen boys playing Baseball in different shorts, most notably this dark blue ones. Also darker blue or black but not sure if shiny. Maybe some more supporting actors in the background? Also a boy in shortalls (bib overalls blog, rating 5, also women).

Also a very good, complete undressing scene of Jeremy Lelliott at the beginning dancing under water being splashed from a hose (flashback scene, probably set in the 1980s). White underwear (tighty whities ?) but also without. Shirtless and wet scenes but not in combination with shiny shorts, so no tagging.

Interesting movie, the plot is about an autistic and blind boy. Not sure about the time setting at the end. Either 80s but could be the 90s. Shorts are quite long and modern.

For the shorts, rating ~3 only. Movie itself much higher.

Rolling Elvis


Comedy film
Year: 2017
Year in film: 1985
Country: Colombia
Who in shorts: boys ~12 ?
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low+ ?
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: At least 3 boys in shiny appearing tight shorts set in 1985. 2 in dark blue shorts one in turquoise shorts.

I don’t know the complete movie. But there are better 80s shorts (like Adidas).

Also on my bedroom blog, rating 4. Nice and funny peeing scene in a wheelchair.

Rating 3-4 for now only.

Aka Sobre Ruedas.

Sugar Orange


Gay drama
Year: 2004
Year in film: 1980s ?
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: boy ~11 ?
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low ??
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: At least two boys shirtless and wet in black swim shorts (one with yellow parts), and another boy in blue speedos at the beginning of the movie. I think flashback scenes of the 1980s.

Also on my bib overalls blog (boy, rating 4, better but brief scenes). I recently found a complete stream.

Quite interesting, but I think very few and brief scenes.

So rating 4-5 only.


Believe (2013)


Drama by David Scheinmann
Year: 2013
Year in film: 1984
Country: UK
Who in shorts: boys ~7-12 ??
Who in shorts 2: Sinead ~12 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium+ ?
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Boys and I think one older girl (must be Aine O’Duffy) in white shorts with 2 red stripes as home team  (also sitting), others at least in nice light blue shorts with 2 white stripes and black shorts. Set in Manchester in 1984.

I haven’t seen the complete movie yet, but I like the light blue and also the white shorts, althought most boys are very young. Main character is 11 yo but looking younger.

There’s also a girl in tight bib overalls (soon on my other blog, rating ~4).

Needs to be checked completely.

Rating 7-8 for now.

Update: Also compression shorts. More pics at


Saturday (2015)


Short film, drama 15 min
Year: 2015
Year in film: 1989
Country: UK
Who in shorts: boys ~9-10 ?
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium-
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Some Soccer boys in longer medium blue, dark blue, black and white shiny shorts.

Directed by Mike Forshaw about the Hillsborough stadium disaster. 15 minutes (12 minutes without ending credits) and rather few Soccer scenes.

Rating 3-4 only

Historias de fútbol


Year: 1997
Year in film: 1982, later ?
Country: Chile
Who in shorts: boys ~7-11 ?
Who in shorts 2: men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium- ?
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: Some boys in different shorts, most notably a chubby boy in shiny, white Adidas shorts with light blue stripes. Other boys in colored shorts, like faded light red or similar, longer light blue, white, black, yellow and some more but most others probably not shiny. Also jeans shorts. And boys shirtless, boys sitting and also men playing Soccer (at least in shiny red, medium blue and dark blue, not Adidas), maybe vintage footage scenes.

I only have checked this briefly.

Rating 5-6 for now. The movie is a compilation of 3 short films. English title: Football Stories.

There are few famous movies from Chile. I only remember Machuca, which I even own on DVD (bedroom blog rating 3). Red shorts and swimwear also there, but I think not shiny as set in 1973.