Without Warning (1980)


Sci-Fi/Horror film. Martin Landau
Year: 1980
Year in film: ~1980
Country: USA
Who in shorts: Tom ~23 ?
Who in shorts 2: others
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no, partly TV recording
Clothing occurence: low
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: One young, redhaired man, must be David Caruso in tight, shiny dark blue Adidas shorts. Sides not splitted (Handball or Volleyball shorts?) Also sitting, shirtless with an open jacket. There’s also a young man in tight yellow shorts but maybe not shiny. And young ladies in swimwear and Cub Scouts in blue uniforms. Also soon on my pigtails blog.

Interesting movies and funny, flying creatures.

For shorts rating 3-4 only. Again, quite old actors but at least nice Adidas shorts. I try to find better movies.


9 thoughts on “Without Warning (1980)

  1. The blue shorts with white stripes are officially named with the german word “Hallensprinterhose”. Mostly worn for indoor sports like handball, volleyball ore athletics.


    1. Thanks for your help! I only had the Junior and later the splitted ones. Volleyball is mainly for girls. And boys mainly played Soccer. In Handball I also mainly saw the splitted ones.


      1. The Hallensprinterhose was very famous in germany for men for indoor sports (with/without balls) and in general for all kind of athletics. For women there was a version without the three stripes. Please see here: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-eE5TpxXo89k/VGQnqB5qD1I/AAAAAAAAAMU/WjpmntYBTPA/s1600/Screen%2BShot%2B2014-11-12%2Bat%2B7.34.54%2BPM.jpg

        Do you have an e-mail adress? I have some more suggestions about tv, movie and music video with adidas shorts.


  2. Movie:
    “Erkan & Stefan, der Film” (germany, 2000). Around 1:05:00 a short scene with Adidas sampdoria shorts darkgreen/white and red/white.
    “Die Senkrechtstarter” (germany, 1988), minute 26 to 28 Adidas junior blue/white.
    „Police Academy“, no. 3 and 4. Several scenes with Adidas beckenbauer shorts blue/white
    „Sein letztes Rennen“ (germany, 2013). Adidas beckenbauer shorts dark blue/light blue (army version without inner lining).

    „Ich heirate eine Familie“, # 14. Around minute 4 Adidas junior black/white

    Swedish TV series “Rally Planeten”. Boys and girls with Adidas junior shorts black/white, also wet games. There are three clips on youtube:

    “Fort Boyard” Denmark
    Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r02nQplxg8o.
    One Actor in Adidas sampdoria shorts black/white.

    Music video:
    Band: my name is music “computer game”. Adidas sprinter spezial green/white
    Band: most serene Republic “Oh God”. Adidas beckenbauer blau/white, also wet. Noname shorts geeen
    Band: Owen Paul “My Favourite Waste Of Time”, Adidas sprinter black/white, also wet
    Band: Phil Collins “Take Me Home”, Adidas beckenbauer blue/white, also wet
    Band: Sportfreunde Stiller “New York, Rio, Rosenheim”, Adidas sampdoria red/white, also wet (minute 2:30)


    1. Thanks very much!
      I have checked some few of them.
      Some are quite good.
      But like on my other blogs, I mainly post women and kids/teens. I think nobody is interested in men/older men/ugly men. I like Phil Collins as musician, but he or Erkan & Stefan would be rating 1 or less.


    1. Thanks! Fun House, I already have. But some recommendation links on YouTube are of interest. (But not feature films).
      Shorts of K3 are also interesting. I have to check the vids of females.


  3. The adidas shorts of K3 are from the women collection of adidas originals series a few years ago. The adidas originals items are always one time.


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