Kids sports magazine
Year in film:
1989 (pic)
Who in shorts:
boys ~10-16 ?
Who in shorts 2:
men ? girls?
Available on DVD:
I own:
no, partly TV recording
Clothing occurence:
Several boys and teen boys in different shorts, mainly Adidas shorts, like these ones in light blue Adidas shorts (with inner briefs) mostly quite tight from this 1989 episode episode about Handball. Also lots of others, some in speedos, long pants or else. But I don’t know/don’t remember all 350 episodes.

Another suggestion from Turn-adi. Thanks! In fact, this is my clip. I didn’t want to promote it and I had bad experiences on YouTube. People always want more and more and I also had copyright claims (not for this one), spam and insults.

Light blue is one of my favourite color and the scene pictured is my favourite. There are also older teen boys that aren’t very handsome. Also the best episode, I remember. I think, this would be rank #3 or even #2 on my TOP-10 list. But I prefer US actors and don’t add this.

I will search for other scenes and other colors and probably make more posts later. But these shows aren’t available anyway and I won’t upload more vids. I don’t have much more either.





3 thoughts on “Pfiff

  1. I do remember one “Pfiff” episode about the youth federal state team of Niedersachsen with two handsome twins wearing green adidas shirts, shorts and socks. It was so fantastic…


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