Off the Mark (1987)


Comedy film aka Crazy Legs
Year: 1987
Year in film: 70s, 80s
Country: USA
Who in shorts: boys, girl ~9-12
Who in shorts 2: men, women
Available on DVD: VHS only ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low+ *
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Some young boys, mainly in blue shiny shorts (not Adidas), at least one boy in I think black Adidas shorts at the beginning, 4 min. (maybe not shiny and with inner briefs, brief and dark scene), set obviously in the 70s. At least one older girl in beige, white or similar shorts at 13 minutes. Later also men and women. Men in Adidas track shorts, also cycling.

Another interesting scene near the beginning, where 2 boys dropping down their (long) pants in front of a girl. Looks like if one boy wearing dark blue shiny shorts underneath, but mainly their legs are shown. Pic 1 at 13 minutes, pic 2 at 23.

Yesterday, I continued searching all US movies on IMDb, this time 1986-1987. Many movies I already knew. As usual, the bottom ~100 movies don’t have cover pics. Movies later than 1987 maybe are not worth checking.

Rather few and brief scenes of younger actors.

So rating 7-8 only. Also soon on my bedroom blog, rating 8.


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