Update 2: Schloss Einstein


I found the swimming / faked drowning scene of Sebastian, played by Marcus Wengler in episode 123. Unfortunately only in long dark pants, maybe black or dark blue and briefly and partly shown when they carried him out of the lake (wet). In the same episode he also wore shiny, white, longer pants, also sitting (pictured). Also running in them, maybe in another episode.

I don’t remember him or anybody else in shiny shorts, besides those, I’ve already found (rating 7 including dark blue (Marc), and the Wrestling scene, yellow and blue).

However, Sebastian is also shown twice shirtless in underwear when Vera painting him. Once in retro shorts (not shiny) and once in I think shiny, silky boxer shorts (dark blue?). In and around ep 121 (season 3, 2000). Not bad, but brief scenes as well. And this blog is not about underwear.

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