Info 16: New pics


I have uploaded several pics of entries previously without pics or with headshots only. Some few are still missing. However, I have removed the faces of non-celebrities and other parts like shirtless scenes. Some movies or series might be available on DVD or online. Check the description or the rare movies list, tagged list.

New pics (boys only):

Die Pyramide (1979), pictured, rating 7, blue Adidas and compression shorts, De bal is rond (rating 10, dark blue, light blue, white),  The Zack Files (yellow swim shorts), Die Spur der roten Fässer (blue Adidas), Les demons (2015) blue, Die Jungs-WG (purple, pink, white), The Adventures of Pete & Pete (more swim shorts), Fortsetzung Folgt! (2002), black (part), Pfefferkuchen im July (red, part), Ines Duarte, secretaria (yellow, part), “Träume, Tränen, Töne” (black, part), Cold Creek Manor (parts)

Pics coming soon (parts): Stark!

Still without pics (most are available): Die Kinder vom Alstertal, Il ritorno del piccolo Lord, Nie mehr zweite Liga! (plain white, not available),, Fußballtricks für Kids.

Currently headshots only (most needs to be updated): Terms of Endearment, De wereld van Lodovic, Sugar Creek Gang (not really shiny), Sixten, Les saisons du plaisirs, Pauline a la Plage (typical Adidas), Ikke naken (not really shiny), Kid Svensk, Darfinkar & dönickar, Eva & Adam (main shorts), Burnt Offerings (1976), Artificial Intelligence: AI (long black), The Hole (2012), Private Lessons (1981), Odysseus a hvezdy. Maybe some more, I forgot.

Entry coming soon: Baywatch.

Please also note my previous entry, purple, rating 10.


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