Update 5: Unknown 2 Finnish movie


Yesterday, I got my VCR running (obviously I only had issues with some of my tapes). So I have now checked the complete movie which was produced in 1989 and directed by Sirpa Sivori-Asp. I still don’t know the title, as I don’t have the first seconds.

The main plot is about a boy, around 5-6 yo who is deaf-dumb. There are few dialogues and the movie wasn’t dubbed, what is very rare in Germany, especially for kids TV. The older boy in pic 1, who also wore the leather cap is obviously his brother and looking handsome without the cap.

He stole some eggs and throwing them to his little brother from a roof, and he fell off and broke his leg there. Most scenes are quite boring like in the woods and there are rather few shiny shorts scenes. Also one fat boy in blue shorts (probably not shiny). The young boy is also shown at a lake in speedos (also shirtless and sitting).

Tuomas: Teemu Lipasti (first credited, probably the little boy), film mother is Marjatta Linna. If someone knows the title, please comment. Main entry, rating 8


I also found some parts of Whopper Punch 777. The yellow shorts are unfortunatley not shiny but boxer shorts (underwear). So rating now 2 instead of 5. Handsome young teen boy and shirtless. There still might be others in shiny shorts.


Next entry in January.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers!


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