List 3: Colors of Adidas & other shorts in 1980


I remember only few colors available of Adidas shorts in the early 1980s in Germany. In the very late 70s (~1978) and around 1980, I only remember Adidas cotton shorts, mainly in blue and red. In around 1980/1981, I think I first noticed shiny shorts. I now assumed, that the colors must be related to those, German Soccer players wore these days.

On an 80s board I found an Adidas flyer of 1980, claiming that there are Adidas Junior shorts available in only red, blue, green and black and depicting a boy wearing white shorts (not sure if shiny). Same colors as the grown-ups (maybe they had some more). Shirts were available in the colors of the teams (probably some more colors). Later there are more and more colors available, some might derive from other Sports like Handball. Other colors (of Adidas) were available in other countries.

1. Bundesliga Germany 1981/1982 final results

  1. Hamburger SV (red shorts)
  2. 1. FC. Köln (white shorts with red stripes)
  3. FC Bayern München (red shorts)
  4. 1. FC Kaiserslautern (red, also white shorts)
  5. SV Werder Bremen (green shorts)
  6. Borussia Dortmund (black shorts with yellow stripes)
  7. Borussia Mönchengladbach (white shorts)
  8. Eintracht Frankfurt (black shorts)
  9. VfB Stuttgart (white shorts with red stripes)
  10. VfL Bochum (blue shorts)
  11. Eintracht Braunschweig (blue shorts)
  12. Arminia Bielefeld (blue shorts)
  13. 1. FC Nürnberg (black shorts)
  14. Karlsruher SC (white shorts with blue stripes)
  15. Fortuna Düsseldorf (red shorts, Puma?)
  16. Bayer Leverkusen (black shorts)
  17. SV Darmstadt 98 (blue shorts)
  18. MSV Duisburg (white shorts, blue stripes ?)

Some colors might be away jerseys. I’m not a Soccer expert. Most stripes are white. White shorts have different colored stripes. I have to do more research and will make lists of colors in movies.

The above pic showing some US and Canadian colors and is from a Sears 1980 Christmas catalogue taken from flickr user wishbook (cc-by-sa).


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