Info 12: Updates, headshots


I found some more scenes and pics of: Eva & Adam, next to the 2 swimming scenes also a locker room scene of teen boys maybe at Soccer (pic 1) and a young boy in sweat pants; another scene of James at 15, also in a locker room (pic 3, also white and dark blue or black shorts); another scene with shirts of Message in a Cell Phone (pic 2), Nicostratos le pelican (pic 4, also dark blue shorts with a shirt) and some more.

I also have uploaded headshots of most movies to at least identify the actors. Often the actors are known, but not always how they actually looked like in this specific movie or episode. Some few pics of early entries are still missing. I still won’t upload indescent pics or pics of unfamous people (reality TV, shows, etc) to keep this blog up.

I also have changed the rating of Burnt Offerings (1976) from 7 to 8. At least 2 longer, perfect swimming scenes including sitting.

Soon, I will create lists like rare movies and about colors.



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