Update: Big and Hairy


As announced, my first purchase for this blog. I already had an entry, but found an untitled screenshot (pic 1, legs also being spread) and thought of a different movie as there are beige shorts shown. I have a (partial) VHS recording but of course in bad quality. I haven’t found the complete movie online, so I simply bought it.

Next to the blue (home team), red, green and beige Basketball shorts, there are also black ones. There are several Basketball scenes around 9 scenes but they are rather short, maybe less than half of the movie. Only few and brief scenes of the beige shorts at 51 minutes and also only one scene of the green shorts. Red and black 2 scenes each. Blue in all. Some very handsome boys, next to the main character, 12 yo Robert Burke, also other ones, one very similar looking.

Some sitting scenes (mainly background) but no shirtless scenes. Good family film (the Bigfoot is a bit poor but quite funny). Also soon on my bib overalls blog and pigtails blog (rating 3 each).

The DVD I got is luckily a UK PAL RC2 (or RC0 ?) and has a good image quality. By coincidence I made a post today on my bib overalls blog with a movie of the same DVD company called “Feature Films for Families”. Partly a Hallmark production. The DVD is called “Big & Hairy” and shows a close up of Robert Burke, a Basketball with an eye on it and parts of the Bigfoot and the number 1 on a blue shirt.

I will recheck the movie at slow speed and maybe make some more updates.

Main entry, previously rated 6, now 7(-8) at




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