Update 4: Unknown 2: actor names found, no title, Finland


On an old backup disc, I found 2 more screenshots. One showing parts of the end credits. I searched on IMDb and the web but still can’t find the title.

Most names have entries on IMDb as actors, but obviously this movie or series is missing. It’s a shame, that IMDb is so incomplete. I also found several mistakes there. It’s also impossible to find movies by keywords, except for some newer or mainstream movies.

So it’s a Finnish movie or series, maybe short film. There are at least 2 boys as main character, one called Tuomaksen (unknown actor, only his parents are shown in my pic, Marjatta Linna as mother and Timo Närhinsalo as father).

The other boy is Sami, played by Topi Salo. His parents are played by Hellevi Seiro and Ismo Sievinen. Sievinen is now a stage player. Seiro a famous actress.

I still think, this movie was made in the mid or late 1980s.

The boy with the leather cap later broke his leg. And I think is allowed to play Volleyball with the other kids. Sounds quite similar like Lindgren’s “Hoppa högst”. I don’t remember why and where he broke his leg (maybe a dare or contest).

So nothing more can be said. And most likely not available on DVD anyway.

Update: I found a VHS where it might be a clip on. Around 23 minutes (not sure if complete) but it could be an episode of a series. Recorded (and aired) maybe in Nov 1994. Maybe in a German holiday series called “Ferienfieber”?



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