Info 10: Blog search

Unlike on my other blogs (except my recent pigtails blog), search results don’t show up pics. I searched for this issue and it says that it depends on the theme. So I’ve tried many themes but noone displays them. Obviously, they removed this feature and it’s either very complicated to do, or I should upgrade and pay for that. The other themes are retired and can’t be chosen. Why don’t they just say so? I read it before, that it’s just a test field for the professional .org blogs. Google and other blogs aren’t better either.

One other feature is possible. Combined search for categories. So if you searching for eg. just women in a 1970s movie in red shorts or boys in blue shorts you can add manually a “+” in the browser line between the categories like

However, it’s possible that it’s a girl or woman wearing the blue shorts and the boy wearing other shorts or swim shorts. But it can reduce search time, when the blog getting bigger and bigger. Works on all blogs (pigtails has tags instead of categories).



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