Update: Sleepaway Camp


I considered buying this on DVD (mainly for the younger boy, around 10 yo in white shorts, pic 2), as I only have a bad VHS. Obviously the uncut versions in good image quality are very expensive (50 EUR + shipping), so I have rechecked it again on YouTube.

There’s obviously just one notable and brief scene of the young boy. Not bad, but not worth buying an expensive DVD or BD.

I also found some more actors/colors. Including a girl in shiny yellow shorts, some in white shorts (pic 1), a very young blonde girl in red shorts. And one scene of young boys shirtless at a lake in wet red, blue, green and I think black shiny shorts (mainly Adidas). But all scenes are very brief and from a distance. There are almost all colors of shorts, maybe except purple and orange. One teen girl in dark pink shorts but I think not shiny. I think very few wet scenes.

Also an older teen boy also sitting shirtless in shiny yellow shorts and another one in light blue.

The movie is a classic and very good. Some funny scenes in the cabins. And funny end.

But most boys are quite old. But still maybe around rating 9. Main entry at


I still have to check the sequels.


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