Update: Zwei Münchner in Hamburg


I found a brief clip of this Soccer scene. There are also boys in white Adidas shorts (red stripes) and light blue shorts (dark blue stripes, no inner briefs ?) and medium blue short (white stripes, inner briefs).

Most shorts are rather tight. I prefer the dark blue ones (no inner briefs).

The series is probably not worth buying for just this brief scene, but there are also other scenes of interets including Lederhosen, pajamas, underwear and the like.

Main entry rating 6+



8 thoughts on “Update: Zwei Münchner in Hamburg

    1. As announced in the main entry, I don’t remember in what episode. Due to the age of Florian, it must be in the earlier episodes. There are only 39 ep. Soccer plots are described in s1e7 and s3e1. I have to check the complete series, also for other scenes and Lederhosen.


  1. Picture looks so good. from where is this brief clip of this Soccer scene? youtube? any link?
    I think I would prefer the white Adidas shorts (red stripes) (looks like with inner briefs?) but the other shorst are also very cool … i like the soccer socks to. Its a verry nice combination.
    Hej … looks like we have the same taste 🙂


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