Update 2: Unknown 2: Swedish TV series or movie


I found a short clip ~1 minute, no sound, on one of my backup discs. So I can provide some more pics. Most notable an older, blonde boy with a cap of leather. Also note the wristband (typical early 80s). Maybe someone recognized him or the girl or the man (probably dad). I tried to find the title but still no success. I still think that this could be a Swedish production of the 80s.

I was right, that there is also a boy in blue shorts (Adidas, inner briefs). But the green ones are even better. The boy in the leather cap (a runaway ?) whistles and so they come to him and follow him (pic main entry). Soccer was wrong but Badminton.

I rechecked again all Lindgren movies including the short movies. And also all Scandinavian family/kids TV series from 1960s-1990s listed on a German database. Maybe it’s a movie or short film. Unfortunately, I don’t have the complete movie and my VHS player is defective.

Please help! Main entry with the green shorts, rating 8




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