Family series, 458 ep
Year: 1997-1998
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Argentina
Who in shorts: boys ~9-15 ?
Who in shorts 2:
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium
Rating:  10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: Some boys of a Soccer team often in shiny shorts. Half of the time in medium blue, the rest in white. Goalkeepers in black. Also shirtless and sitting. Also in swim shorts but not shiny. Maybe some girls in shorts, not sure if shiny. Also changing scenes and other scenes of interest including crossdressing, showering and wearing underwear, bib overalls and similar and even less (mainly towels). Overalls blog rating 8, f/m.

I almost forgot even this one. Although I prefer US movies and 70s/80s shorts, I have to give rating 10.

Several perfect scenes. And some very handsome boys. Pic 1 on left longhaired Fede, then redhaired Nacho, then little Gamuza. Pic 2 from left Nacho, Bocha, Fede, longaired Brian, Gamuza. Many scenes in the locker room, but also some showing playing Soccer.

Details, also of the best shorts scenes, on my bib overalls blog.

Update: I try to find out the brands of shorts. Pic 1 showing brand Umbro, what they mainly wore. Also often 3 striped (rare) modern Adidas ?. Pic 2 showing brand Olan (probably both white and black shorts and the shirts). More details, pics and close-ups coming soon. In the 2nd update there are boys and girls playing Basketball (white and dark blue shorts), a man in purple shorts and some more. Update 2: Also boys in red and yellow.






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