Piranha (1978)


Horror film. Joe Dante, Roger Corman
Year: 1978
Year in film: 1970s
Country: USA
Who in shorts: boys ~9-11
Who in shorts 2: girls, men, women
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Clothing occurence: low+
Rating:  9/10
Rating: *********
Comment: Some boys in yellow swim shorts, some light yellow shiny shorts, some boys shirtless. Girls (right row) in dark or black shorts but probably not shiny. Also at the end grown-ups including women in yellow and dark blue shiny shorts and I think white (distance). Also men like in white shorts.

As announced this great movie. Not to be confused with other “Piranha” movies.

Rather few good scenes (around 2 longer ones). Mainly not wet, and some underwater scenes or some scenes on the water. So rating 9-10 “only”. I have to check the end again more carefully.

Also on my bib overalls blog, rating 7 (boy).

No notable or few shiny shorts but swim shorts and jeans shorts in Jaws.


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