Manni, der Libero


Teen soccer series starring Thomas Ohrner
Year: 1982
Year in film: 1980s
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: Manni ~10+16
Who in shorts 2: other boys
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Clothing occurence: often
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: Several boys but mainly teen boys in mainly dark blue shiny Adidas shorts (yellow stripes and also white stripes). Some younger boys (episode 1 only) including Sascha Gerlach as younger Manni (pic 1 in the middle) wearing blue shorts with and without inner briefs. Also changing scenes (colorful briefs underneath). Some younger boys in white shorts (not Adidas).

Also locker room and shower scenes (of the teen boys including Ohrner).

I don’t remember all episodes and almost forgot this, probably most famous German Soccer series of the 80s. I think there are also other colors and few supporting actors next to the field (I think white Adidas and probably some few more). Also historical footage scenes of men (male Soccer stars, I think including white and red shorts).

Many scenes of shiny Adidas shorts. But most boys are quite old including Tommy Ohrner (pic 2 on right). Needs to be rechecked later. Also shirtless and sitting scenes, not sure about wet shorts.

Rating 6-7 only.

There’s later at least one team in green. I rarely watch the later episodes. Most boys are quite old. Also Turkish teen boys in black Adidas shorts and teen boys in red Puma shorts.





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