Anderland (1980)


Family series
Year: 1980-1986
Year in film: 1980s
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: boys ~7-10
Who in shorts 2: girl ~9
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Clothing occurence: medium-
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: Some, surprisingly few boys and one girl in shiny shorts including Adidas. Also other shorts, Lederhosen, speedos, shortalls and bib overalls. All scenes pictured are short. I don’t remember sitting scenes, nor shirtless and wet scenes in combination with shiny shorts (but speedos).

Pic 1 from ep 30 (disc set 2) looks like dark green, pic 2 two boys in ep 13 (disc set 1). Pic 3 a girl with a braid in dark blue Adidas shiny shorts (light blue stripes) ep 44 (rear view only). Pic 4 a boy in red Adidas shorts, ep 31 maybe cotton probably no inner briefs.

Other shiny shorts scenes:

Ep 24 (disc set 2) dark blue Adidas but cotton

Ep 26 a blonde boy ~10 yo in shiny red shorts, another fat boy in black cotton Adidas (no inner briefs)

Ep 30 one more boy in red shiny Adidas shorts (briefly and partly shown).

Speedo scenes on both disc sets, but few as well. Best one on disc set 2.

Interesting series with lots of different plots and actors. For shiny shorts rating 5-6 only.

For more infos and pics see my other blogs

overalls blog rating 7(-8), Lederhosen blog rating 4, bedroom blog rating 5. No pigtails yet.



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