A-Z list part 1 A-E

This is a complete list of all entries here and the ratings. Note that I use the “original” IMDb titles. Maybe some titles are slightly differtent here, especially when having apostrophes. Otherwise try a blog search for parts of titles or actors.

  • 6 Richtige (8) boy, dark blue Adidas, red stripes, sitting
  • 7th Heaven (4) teen girls Basketball red, green. boy board shorts
  • A-Team, The (3) boy light grey
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: A Special Gift (5) teen boys, blue, shirtless
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: Don’t Touch (3) older teen boy/young man, dark blue Adidas. Sweat pants
  • ABC Afterschool Specials: It’s a Mile … (6) (teen) boy, blue, red
  • Achterbahn (1992) (7) (teen) boys, shirtless swim shorts, Boxing, Basketball, Soccer
  • Adventures of Pete & Pete, The (9) swim shorts, sports
  • Adventures of Skippy, The (9) boys orange, yellow, black blue. Girls, men women
  • Af banen (2005) (6) Soccer teen boys, blue, green white
  • Air Bud (9) boys basketball, blue, red dark green
  • Air Bud 3: World Pup (4) teen boys, teen girls, Soccer, medium blue
  • All Inclusive – Mit Kind und Koffer zur neuen Liebe (9) boys shirtless Adidas
  • Alles Paletti (1985) (4) teen boy black shorts table tennis. (Soccer) men
  • Almost Summer (3) older teen boys/men, Basketball, red, white, shirtless
  • Amico mio (4) (teen) boys, blue, yellow, white, Soccer. Red swim shorts
  • Anderland (1980) (6) boys, girl incl. Adidas
  • Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (3) older teen boys, black, Soccer, board shorts
  • Anna, Schmidt & Oscar (5) boys white soccer, compression shorts
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI (10) boys. black, other swim shorts
  • Ask Max (Disney-Land) (9) boys red short Basketball, shirtless
  • Atempause (2017) (4) boys, light blue, red Soccer, black tights underneath
  • ATP Tennis blonde balls boys 1993 ? (9) boys medium blue
  • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978) (3) boy yellow, woman dark blue
  • Auf die Plätze… (8) (teen) boys, red, black, green, white Adidas, PE
  • Ausgestossene, Der (1984) (7) boys Adidas light blue, red white black. Girls
  • Aventuras de Enrique y Ana, Las (7) girls, boys orange Adidas
  • Bad News Bears, The (1979) (6) boys, girls, orange, white, blue
  • Bad News Bears (2005) (4) boy red Adidas, black swim shorts, women red
  • bal is rond, De (10) boys, teen boys, teen girls, soccer, many colors
  • balle au bond, La (6) boys, white, Soccer, black compression tights ?
  • Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II, The (5) boys orange, red, yellow, blue, black, men beige swim shorts
  • Bassie en Adriaan en het geheim van de schatkaart (3) Soccer black sit
  • Bay Cove (1993) (5) boys, teen boys Basketball blue black
  • Baywatch (1989) (8) boys, teen boys, men, mainly dark blue, red
  • Beethoven (1992) (5) boys, teen boys Basketball blue, shirtless
  • Believe (2013) (7) boys, girl, white, light blue, black, Soccer, 1984
  • Bernard’s Watch (6) boys, girls, yellow, blue swim shorts, Soccer, blue, white, black..
  • Bibi&Tina: voll verhext (5) boys, Soccer, medium blue, white
  • Big (1988) (9) boys shirtless green Adidas
  • Big and Hairy (7) basketball blue, green, red, beige, black
  • Big Green, The (1995) (10) boys, girls, white, grey, blue soccer
  • Billy Elliot (7) teen boy green, dark blue, white
  • Blank Check (1994) (7) boys, swim shorts, light green, red, colorful
  • Blond bringt nix (2) woman soccer yellow
  • BMX Bandits (3) older teen boy/young man, blue Adidas
  • Bodo – Eine ganz normale Famile (8) Basketball red, green Adidas. Girl
  • Body Works, The (1979) (8) (teen) boys, girls, mainly white Adidas
  • Boxer, The (1997) (6) teen boy, white, blue Adidas boxing
  • Boy Called Dad, A (4) Soccer teen boys, white black, board shorts
  • Brady Bunch, The (4) (teen) boys, blue, red, orange
  • Bundesgartenshow 1997 Eröffnungsshow (6) (teen) boys, blue Adidas Soccer shorts
  • Burnt Offerings (1976) (8) boy light blue swim shorts shirtless, sit
  • Busters verden (7) boys soccer white, blue, red
  • ButterCream Gang, The (4) boys shirtless medium blue swim
  • ButterCream Gang in Secret of Treasure Mountain, The (3) teen boy, light green
  • C’est pas ma faute (1999) (4) boys, blue, orange, black, shorts, swim shorts
  • Callis kleines Fußballmärchen (7) Soccer boys, black white shirtless, board sh.
  • Carlitos y el campo de los suenos (5) Soccer boys, blue, white, red, green, black
  • Cebollitas (10) boys soccer medium blue, white, black
  • Cedarmont Kids: Gospel Bible Songs (5) Basketball boys, girls, blue, grey, green swim shorts shirtless
  • Charles in Charge (6) boy, woman, blue
  • Chewingum (3) older teens, men, women, yellow, white, blue, black
  • Children in the Crossfire (8) boys dark blue or black swim shorts, wet
  • Chissa perche… capitano tutte a me (6) boys white soccer
  • cielo in una stanza, Il (2) older teen boys/men, Soccer, white 1960s ?
  • Circle of Children, A (8) boys swim shorts, yellow, blue, green, red
  • Cloned (1997)? (6) boys Soccer black
  • Clonus Horror, The (5) boys, girls green blue, men, women, red, blue
  • Club der roten Bänder (6) teen boy, blue swim shorts, men. Soccer green, red.
  • Coach (1978) (4) teen boys medium blue, green, red, woman blue Adidas
  • Coast to Coast (1996) (6) boy long black swim shorts
  • Cold Creek Manor (6) shirtless black board, blue swim
  • Comeback Kid, The (1980) boys, girls, yellow, green, white, woman grey
  • coraggio die parlare, Il (4) Soccer (teen) boys, white, yellow, red, blue, black
  • Current, The (2014) (7) teen boy, shirtless, dark blue
  • Cutting Class (4) teen boys, teen girls, blue, red, yellow, Basketball
  • Czarne stopy (5) boys shirtless red, blue, white, black, Scouts
  • Da obichash na inat (5) boys, teen boys, yellow
  • Daddy’s Home (2015) (6) boys, girls Basketball purple, green
  • Dallas (1978) (10) teen boy, boy purple swim shorts, boy pink black
  • Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The (4) teen boys, dark blue, PE
  • Darfinkar & dönickar (10) boy, black swim shorts
  • demons, Les (2015) (7) boy shirtless blue
  • Dgesastsauli dgesastsaulis molodinshi (4) boys, pink, yellow, white, black, swim
  • Diff’rent Strokes (3) older teen boys, blue, orange
  • Dirt Bike Kid, The (5) boys, girls, women, light grey, red, purple
  • Djavolji raj (4) boys, shirtless light blue, blue, green, white (1940s, not shiny)
  • Do pervoy krovi (3) boy, dark blue
  • Domestic Disturbance (2001) 3 boys Basketball blue, yellow
  • Don Camillo (1984) (7) boys, girls, teens Adidas red, blue soccer
  • Don’t Look Now (1983) (4) boy light blue, teen boys, girls dark blue, (white)
  • doppelte Lottchen, Das (2017) (5) boys, teen boy shirtless blue swim shorts
  • Drakosha i kompaniya (3) boy medium blue, sitting
  • Drexell’s Class (6) boys, girls yellow, green, girl pink
  • Dry White Season, A (5) boy dark blue, shirtless, white Rugby
  • Dschungelkind (3) black boy, light blue shorts, shirtless
  • Eerie, Indiana (3) teen boys, black, (brown not shiny)
  • Endlich Urlaub! (2005) teen boy shirtless light blue/white/blue. Boy
  • Ernest Goes to Camp (7) red, white Adidas, blue, shirtless
  • Eskimo Limon (movie series) (3) boy, teen boys, blue, black, grey
  • Eva & Adam (9) boys, orange, other swim shorts, sports



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