A-Z list part 2 L-R

  • Langnese (1983 commercial) (4) woman cycling blue, older teen boys/men
  • Langnese (1985 commercial) (8) boys white Adidas, light green, men
  • Lat den ratte komma in (7) boys, teen boys green, white
  • Laura und Luis (9) boy, light blue Adidas wet
  • Legend of Billie Jean, The (7) boys blue, grey, green, yellow, shirtless, woman red, men
  • Leo – Ein fast perfekter Typ (4) boys Soccer green
  • Like a Kiss from Jesus (8) boy shirtless light green
  • Like Mike (2002) (3) teen boy, orange, white Basketball, men grey
  • Linus i svingen (3) young girls, boys. Adidas red, medium blue. Black, white
  • Little Men (2005) (3) teen boy, blue Basketball shorts (not playing it)
  • Littlest Hobo, The (1979) (6) boys, girls, teens, blue, black, red, green, purple
  • Lockie Leonard (5) boy, teen boy blue, green, black, white
  • Love Boat, The (1977) (9) teen boy, teen girl, white Adidas shirtless, wet
  • Löwenzahn (6) boys Soccer blue, swim shorts. Blue Puma, girl red
  • Lower Learning (3) boys, girls, light blue, man dark blue sitting, boxing
  • Lungo il fiume (1989) (4) boy, red Adidas Junior
  • Lyato v byalo (6) boys light blue, blue, white, black, shirtless
  • Mach mit, Mach’s nach, Mach’s besser (5) boys, girls, yellow, red, blue
  • Malcolm in the Middle (5) boys Soccer orange. Board shorts
  • Mama ist unmöglich (7) boys, girl yellow, black Basketball
  • Man, Woman and Child (6) (teen) boys, Adidas dark blue. Red, light green, light blue, dark blue, others, men
  • Manni, der Libero (6) boys, teen boys, white, blue, black Adidas soccer, red Puma
  • Manny’s Orphans (8) boys, teen boys, girl orange Adidas, green
  • marica, El (6) boys, red, white, shirtless, sitting
  • Matchball (1994) (3) teen boy medium blue Tennis
  • Meander (2005) (5) (teen) boys, blue Adidas, black
  • Meatballs (8) boys, teens boys, girls, men. Adidas. sweat pants
  • Mees Kees langs de lijn (3) boys, girls, dark, medium blue, black, (green)
  • Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl (7) light blue, blue Adidas
  • Menino Maluquinho: O Filme (4) boys green, blue, Soccer
  • Message in a Cell Phone (8) boys board shorts, shirtless blue
  • Mijn idee (7) (teen) boys, girls, blue, black, PE, Soccer
  • Mini Stars (6) boys, black modern Adidas Soccer
  • Minor Miracle, A (8) boys, teen boys blue, red, pink, white, yellow
  • Mortified (2006) (6) boys, girls, Soccer blue, red, black
  • motzgurke.tv (7) boys, teen boys, black, blue, red, girls red
  • Mrs. Doubtfire (5) boy, black swim shorts, men
  • My Secret Identity (5) teen boys, black, blue, red
  • Myach kruglyi… Myach ovalnyi… (5) (teen) boys, Soccer, Rugby red, orange, black, white, yellow
  • Na planincah (3) (teen) boys, black, blue, white, shirtless
  • Natsu no niwa (3) boys Soccer black, medium blue, green
  • Neues aus Uhlenbusch (6) boys Soccer, black Adidas, red, white, green
  • Neues vom Süderhof (5) teen boy light turqouise swim shorts
  • Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter, The (7) teen boy white/yellow swim sh
  • Nicostratos le pelican (8) teen boy wez white shirtless
  • Nie mehr zweite Liga! (2006) (8) boys white soccer
  • Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, A (6) teen boys/men, women, green, red, black, white, grey
  • Nos Embalos de Ipanema (3) men red, yellow
  • Oddballs (9) boys, red, grey Adidas, blue shorts, red speedo
  • Odysseus a hvezdy (7) teen boy, shirtless orange
  • Off the Mark (1987) (7) boys, girls, men, women, blue, black, Adidas
  • One Crazy Summer (7) boys beige shorts, girl light blue. Woman black. Yellow
  • One Hour Photo (5) boys, orange Soccer
  • Onkel Oskar (6) boys black Adidas
  • OP NAAR DE TOP?! (Villa Achterwerk 1994) (6) Soccer boys, white with compression shorts, red
  • Ordinary Magic (4) teen boy shortless dark blue Adidas, wet
  • Oscar Mayer Bologna (1988 commercial) (2) boy white, man dark blue Adidas
  • Over the Top (1987) (4) teen boy, dark blue tennis shorts
  • Paper Brigade, The (6) teen boy, dark red board shorts, underwear
  • Party Camp (6) man blue, grey, woman black, boys yellow, other
  • Pauline a la plage (6) teen boy shirtless dark blue Adidas
  • Peanut Butter Solution, The (5) Soccer boys red, medium blue
  • Penitentiary III (3) man, grey, red, dark blue, black, woman red Adidas
  • Peppino (7) boy blue Adidas, sitting, wet
  • Pfefferkuchen im Juli (5) teen boys shirtless shower red
  • Pfiff (10) (teen) boys, girls, light blue, other Adidas
  • Picture Box: Billy (6) boys Soccer Adidas white, blue
  • Poison Ivy (1985) (10) boys, girls, teens women many colors
  • Pinball Summer (5) teen girls, men, women blue, red, green
  • Piranha (1978) (9) boys yellow, women yellow, blue, white, men
  • Piranha (1995) (4) boys, teen boys, pink, light blue, others
  • Plyontek (4) (teen) boys, white, black, Basketball
  • Poletje v skoljki (8) boys, girls, black blue white Adidas, red, light blue sh.
  • Priklyucheniya Elektronika (7) (teen) boys, blue, light blue, (black, red) PE
  • Prisoner of Zenda, Inc., The (6) boy blue Baseball
  • Private Lessons (1981) (5) teen boys beige, green swim shorts
  • Promiscuidade, os Pivetes de Katia (8) boys, Adidas, blue, black, red, … woman
  • Punky Brewster (1984) (3) teen boy, dark blue 70s + grey sweatpants
  • Pur (see unknown 14)
  • Pyramide, Die (1979) (7) boys black, dark blue Adidas sitting compression sh.
  • Ready for This (3) teen boys, teen girls, woman, black, red, blue, compression sh.
  • Rebound (2005) (7) teen girl, boys Basketball many colors
  • Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel (1995) (3) Soccer, swimming
  • Respiro (2002) (9) boy, teen boys, men shirtless light blue, yellow, blue, other
  • Revenge of the Nerds (1984) (3) boy black, men red, black, women light blue
  • Revenge of the Nerds II (2) men red, green, light blue… Women yellow, black…
  • Rhapsody in Bloom (5) (teen) boys, red Soccer, sitting
  • Ricky Martinez (1980) (5) boys, PE, blue, light blue, white
  • ritorno del piccolo Lord, Il (3) teen boys, shirtless swim shorts underwater
  • Robin of Locksley (6) boys Soccer black
  • Rolling Elvis (4) boys dark blue, turqouise, 80s setting
  • rote Zora und ihre Bande, Die (6) boy, black swim shorts
  • Royal Tenenbaums, The (4) boys shirtless red Adidas
  • RTL Kinderhitparade (9) boys blue Adidas, girl black
  • Rupert Patterson Wants to be a Super Hero (4) boys, blue

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